Fast and accurate insight into the life cycle costs

4 januari 2018 Algemeen Delen

With Life Cycle Vision (LCV), it is easy to make detailed LCC calculations for all the technical systems in a building. An overview of the installation design and the costing data is provided in a fraction of the time.


You can finally choose the most sustainable overall building/installation combination with a sound financial foundation. You can make highly accurate and detailed cost estimates of the investment costs as well as the operating costs of the building systems. Even without specialised technical installation knowledge. The advanced processing core links all the parameters to each other. As a result, calculations and considerations can also be made very quickly. A design process that usually takes months can now be done much more quickly and more accurately. The time-consuming process of calculating all the costs is automated with the advanced processing core. This also applies to the calculation of the consumption levels.

Integrated approach and sustainability in life cycle costs

The current market and new forms of tendering demand a new, more integrated design approach. The high sustainability ambitions are difficult for market operators to meet with the available design instruments. The qualitative substance demands a huge amount of knowledge about technical systems and design time. Both are getting scarcer. With the LCV application, we provide a whole design & costing system. It incorporates all this knowledge. More importantly, it has made installation technology more accessible for all the market operators in the construction world. As far as we are concerned, this is the only way to make mutual understanding and cooperation truly possible in practice.

Sustainable calculation with LCV

The calculation model creates the possibility of producing an integrated design from the start of a project. This makes it possible to adjust to minimise the life cycle costs. This gives you a fully fledged design instrument. The life cycle costs of a building can be determined at any desired level of abstraction. Integrated design is now truly possible. Design considerations can be made quickly and accurately, for example for DB, DBM, or DBFMO (PPP) projects

Easy to use

With the LCV calculation model, you get a highly accurate calculation instrument to determine the installation dimensions and capacities. These can serve as a very good basis for the further detailed design. With the model structure, in principle no input is required to generate a calculation result. With everything you know (and understand) you can adjust default values and make the calculation result more accurate.

Realistic key figures

The complete installation is dimensioned in advance on the basis of design criteria (from the SoR). This produces an accurate picture of the necessary capacities and connected power levels very early in the design process. Normalised calculation rules (NEN/ISSO) are implemented for this, which are also used in the design process in practice. The architectural preconditions are included in the calculation system. This creates are much more realistic picture of the installation costs than is possible on the basis of the key cost figures.

Transparent comparison

With the financial calculation system, all the costs over the entire lifespan are given as a net present value. In this way, a design variant can be expressed as a single value and be directly compared with other variants. That means you can compare apples with apples. And all the financial starting points can be modified as desired.

In other words, life cycle costs become tangible

With this integrated approach, you quickly and accurately gain insight into the life cycle costs. Sustainability is integrated. You can easily modify the calculations according to changing criteria. And the transparency makes is possible to compare the different options.

4 januari 2018 Algemeen Delen

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