The broad applicability of LCC

4 January 2018 General Share

The Life Cycle Costing (LCC) application from Life Cycle Vision has many uses and is extremely versatile. All parties involved in the construction can also benefit from the use of the LCC application. This article will give you an idea of the possibilities in clear bullet points.


Summary of LCC

LCC can be used for:

• All the design phases (from setting budget to construction)
• Design process (capacities, components and quantities)
• Integrated design (systems depending on architectural criteria)
• Design optimisation
• Design testing instrument
• Variants studies
• Sustainability studies
• New construction and renovation
• Various building categories (expansion in the future)
• Second opinion and checking quotations
• Cost estimates (investment, maintenance and energy)
• Full long term maintenance planning (prevention, correction, inspection and replacement according to NEN 2767)
• Accurate determination of connection costs and energy prices
• Integrated contracts and tenders (DB, DBM, and PPP)
• LCC calculations (BREEAM-NL Man 12 calculation over 60 years) 

LCC has many advantages

• Fast and effective (a complete LCC in 4 steps)
• Can be used by anyone (with or without installation knowledge)
• Familiar and checkable (insight into all data)
• Connect to standard design process
• Complete building and user installations)
• All installations (mechanical, sanitary, electrical, transport)
• Insight into market action
• Realistic energy consumption (on hourly basis calculated over a year)
• Accessible from anywhere online (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone)
• No software to install
• Up to date online cost information and energy rates always available
• Safe login environment
• Easy data exchange possible (BIM, Stabu BWBRD, EPC, Greencalc, GPR, etc.) 

All parties involved in the construction benefit from using LCC

• Client
• Project developer
• Construction/project manager
• Architect
• Quantity surveyor
• Building physics engineers
• Advisor
• Installation cost expert
• Installer
• Supplier

Would you like to know more about LCC?

These summaries are intended to given you an overview. For more details, please contact us. We will be happy to tell you more and would also be pleased to provide a demo with no obligation.
4 January 2018 General Share

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